Home today?

I left work yesterday surprised that I wasn’t expected in today until 2:30 because one of the docs is out. Ironically, the hygienist I keep having to fill in for is sick and we yet again have a temp. Turned out that it wasn’t too too bad, but we were way behind as usual. Not as much as we could have been, considering, because the docs were on their best behavior with the checks and all. I give it 2 weeks. 1 month tops before it all comes crashing down on us and everything relapses. Would you believe that they expect to add yet another hygienist in the next 6 months? What a disaster. The thought of it makes me prickly for some reason. Instead of another hygienist I think they should add another assistant or front desk person. I am feeling a high level of worker discontent and it’s only rising. I think things will explode in the next year.

The plan is to be gone by 2013 or be working only PT somewhere and pursuing some other line of work. I don’t plan on moving out of the house in the near future, so finances there won’t really be an issue. Hygiene truly does pay well, but you know how I am. When the fairfax SPCA is back and running again I will apply for volunteerwork. If not then maybe I’ll see if a vet somewhere will take me on as maybe an assistant or at least a kennel person just to jump into the field and see if I can really handle it.

In other news, taxes are filed!!! Yays. I ended up donating some of my State refund to charities. Thank goodness for having volunteered at the NOVA dental clinic, because otherwise I would have had to pay for State taxes what with the contracting I did and all. To celebrate, I spent some money online. >_<


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