Plans for the weekend! For once!! Working 12-5 today because I refused to work all day. It will do the boy some good, I think, to prep before next week. Tomorrow I plan to stop by the Greyhound meet and greet near my house for him to socialize with other greyhounds and for me to kind of check-in with my adopter Buddy and the organization. Kind of nervous because I have yet to have him in the car while I’m driving by myself. All the other times, my mom has driven while I kind of watch him. I hope he doesn’t mark everywhere… I’m anxious to socialize him with other dogs, since I haven’t had many chances to do that with him and the ones I’ve had around the neighborhood have been with smaller dogs which ended up NOT being well. I think I need to stay away from small dogs for the moment. At least I know that he gets along with greyhounds. I’ll have to ask their advice about approaching other dogs.

I have FINALLY found a food that helps with his stomach. Thank goodness for that…the turnaround was about 24 hours, so I really really hope that he likes the food and it won’t effect him adversely in any other way. I’m also trying to decide whether or not to bring him to my uncle’s house to socialize with the doberman. At the moment I’m leaning towards the “no” side because the two pups are 2 males (the doberman is unfixed and Gable doesn’t seem to realize that he is), leash reactive, and I am unsure of how well either dog socializes with other dogs. I will make up my mind after the meet and greet tomorrow, I think.

He is such a good dog now that he knows his place and what is expected of him. The last big hurdle now is how well he’ll be able to cope with being ome by himself for most of the day. I want him to get used to sleeping like greyhounds are known to sleep: about 18 hours a day. …Speaking of greyhounds, one of the greyhounds adopted on my adoption day was bounced. I feel really bad for the little girl. She was so cute. I was thinking, oh my, I would so take her in, myself, as a girl is a good addition to another males, but that would be very irresponsible of me. Gable is still a handful for us, as good a pup as he is, I haven’t yet attempted the vet yet, and the townhouse is awfully small for 2 greyhounds.

Other than greyhounds in my life, am I accomplishing much? Not really. He has taken over my life. To top it all off, I have been unable to sleep properly again. We only had one night of awesome sleeping and now it’s back to restlessness. It makes me so darn tired.

Heck, I haven’t even been logging in much at all in terms of video games. How do you make a mainly vg webcomic without playing games??? If I had to pick a game that I’ve been playing most often, I’d have to pick Tales of Abyss 3DS. I had picked up Resident Evil Revelations and am halfway through Professor Layton and the Last Spectre. I havent even finished skyward sword, RW is way behind, Project Aowam is in limbo and I’m so tired. OMG. It’s ridiculous, this puppy.


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