eh? More ramblings?

I’ve pulled up this “new post” box several times now and each time I go to write something I don’t feel like it anymore.

I am SO lazy. I’m also sleepy. Haven’t done RW, haven’t done the yard work (though my brother did cut the lawn yesterday and the grass is looking fantastic in my opinion). More good news is that after reviewing my finances I haven’t spent as much as I thought I have! yay.

Aunt is trying to get together with us again because they haven’t seen us in a while (hiding at its best) and once again, I’m like, bleh. I’m hoping the weather holds up because what I really wanted to do was take the puppy somewhere different and fun. He was well-behaved all day yesterday. He did end up having a bad stomachache which we surmised as being from the bird poop he ingested off the deck. I’m glad that I am able to recognize little signs from him now.

We’ve been trying to decide about vacation this year what with him around and all. The option is always there to have someone else take care of him  or board him, but I didn’t get him in order to pawn him off to someone. The goal was to take him with us on vacation. At first it seemed all easy to say, “yeah, I’ll just take him with us,” but then after looking for places and thinking about it, his presence does complicate matters…especially because he’s so darn big. My mom, of course, has to remind me that she wanted a schnauzer, and truly if we had gotten one, vacations would be a cinch. People don’t seem to mind pets under 30 lbs. In my experience, small dogs actually have worse behavior problems, because people seem to expect less out of them, but whatever that’s how things roll. There are a few properties that will allow him, but I’m more afraid of him crying/barking/bothering neighbors when we’re all hanging out on the beach. Obviously we’re going to have to crate him again, and as terrified as he is of that thing (not to mention it’s gigantic how are we going to fit it in the car) I’m not sure how well that will work. The most ideal situations is to rent a detached house just for us, but financially that is suicide. Renting a house for 14-22 people for 3 people and a dog? Not to mention most of the nicer properties have that darn 30lb limit. Gah.

My mom noticed that he’s been clawing up our hardwood floor. Great.

He such a sweetiepie, as problematic as he is, that I’m going to have a hard time going to work at the proper time next week. I am actually dreading the whole situation, not at home so much, but at work. They’re pretty much done with construction which is why I’m going to work more, but I’m NOT looking forward to the drama that will be inevitable. They docs can barely perform checks for 2 hygienists at a time…how the HECK are they going to do 3??? They actualyl wanted me to come in at 9 instead of 10 to get more patients in, but I was like, NO WAY 10am please, not for my schedule, but theirs. I KNOW we’re going to be behind like crazy from here on out which means frustration for us, them, and mostly the patients. It was already bad before. The solutions are pretty obvious, but I know it’s not going to happen: lunch break (right now we don’t take lunch break), 1 hour appointments,  or hire another dentist. And the most obvious and least likely to happen: Be prompt with the checks and limit the talking. Geez.

I think that as soon as I can, I’m going to start volunteering my time on Mondays to an animal shelter to see for real how much I would enjoy being a vet tech. I jsut want to do something else. At this point taking up a retail position part-time would make me happy. I just want to do something different. I would LOVE to go into research or work for the health department or something similar, but I have zero credentials in any other field. How do you get places without a background?

My hair is getting took long again.

Not too bad for not knowing what to say, huh?


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