Attack of the dog

Gable Sanford has passed his 2 week homecoming with us. In these 2 weeks he has transformed from nervous, insecure puppyboy to cutie, sweetie pie, perfect pup, to rebellious, curious teenager, and back to good dog. They say that since greyhounds never really got that much of a chance to be puppies and were trained as athletes when they were born, they tend to relapse when they retire. I think we have hit that mark. Yesterday was the climax of that rebellious-defiantness ending the night with him climbing up on the sofa 3 times despite my repeated scolding. I was livid and as he lay down sulkily on his bed, we went upstairs. After thinking about it for a little, he ran up and lay on his bed and didn’t move all night. This morning he has been a little angel. We will see how long that lasts.

I lay on my own bed last night analyzing this sudden change in behavior, and concluded that 1) he is comfortable enough to test the waters and establish his role in the pack; 2)we really haven’t given him the consistency that greyhounds demand as they are regimented just like soldiers. We keep coming and going and feeding and walking him at weird times. He has probably decided that to deal with the incongruity of our schedules he has to become lone wolf and fend for himself; 3) MOst likely the biggest culprit of all of this, we are giving him too much affection and not enough discipline. We must remember that there is a time for love, but we must make him aware of his job in this pack.

I tells you: reading about training and stuff in books is nothing like doing the real deal…especially while retired racing greyhounds have a specialized past that must be overcome. I have 4 years of his life to overcome…28 years in human years!!! He is doing extremely well considering it has only been 2 weeks.


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