Kind of chilly

Whenever I sit here at my computer I get kind of cold. The tower’s fan is pointed directly at my legs. The rest of the house feels stuffy so it’s somewhat nice, but now I’m cold.

My body is still attempting to adjust to my doggie. I wake up everyday to take him on a walk at 6, which isn’t too bad considering I used to wake up at 5 to go to school, but the truth is that I’m usually up at 4 because he’s awake a 4. >_< He’ll run up and down the stairs, roam, shake, and check in on me as if to say, “you’re gonna take me out in 2 hours! Don’t forget!!!”  Then I’ll kind of sleep/wake/sleep/wake until 6. It’s gotten bad and I’ve been almost falling asleep on my way into work (even with my super short hours). He’ such a cutie pie.

Yesterday was just full of excitement for him. We went to visit my grandparents with him and he was all excited. That was his 3rd car ride and his first time socializing since we’ve gotten him. He did very well. I packed a belly band in case he wanted to mark in their house (turns out my aunt’s monster dog had been there the day before), but he didn’t. Only problem was that I found out how fixated on cats he is. Not a good sign. After that trip, we left him for 3 hours to go shopping, which is also did well with. I had anticipated that, however, because instead of his usual long morning nap he was going on an adventure. When we came back, we opened up the deck door for him and went out, and started barking! Greyhounds don’t bark. I don’t think he understands what barking is for. The next door little white dog was on their deck too and he wanted to play. Currently I do not trust him around small animals and other dogs because of his high prey drive, but he seemed to be truly interested and not fixated. Either way, before I let him formally meet another dog, I want him to wear a muzzle just in case. Only downside to his fun-filled day was that he ended up with true diarrhea. There were so many factors to consider that it’s practically impossible to pinpoint the source. We’re just gonna take it easy.

I’m happy that he’s doing well with the staying home bit because the construction at work is finishing very soon and I have a feeling that I’ll be starting work 10-5 in the immediate future. My brother is (finally) actively looking for a job and my mom landed a pretty good lead on a temporary job.

MAN I am sleepy….

My dog just farted.



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