Whoa for realz?

I actually haven’t updated in a while????? No waaaaaaayz.

Been busy with work and stuff. So glad I don’t have to work FT like that again. Hopefully. This weekend was fast and busy. With the weather definitely heading towards spring (and the HOA deadline approaching) I figure it was high time to get around to doing stuff for the house. NOt only that, but with my ongoing DIY bathroom project dilemma, Ihadto get in the mood to do it. What started out as an easy 20 minute replacement of bathtub trim parts, turned into a week of nightmare. Nothing went right at all. Now I know why people would rather not delve into problems like this, but mostly why the plumbers, electricians and overall home improvement people get paid the big bucks. This is the big influence behind shows like “DIY Disaster.”

What I learned from all of this: Don’t open the can of worms unless you are prepared for big headaches; If it seems easy, it most likely is not; Don’t be cheapo when it comes to this stuff; Buy home improvement stuff from the store and not online; I attract old men. Many dollars later (maybe this is why I worked all last week) I was able to frankenstein parts from both sets together to beget the final result. I also was able to ghetto-patch a huge problem I made with the drain by cross-threading the drain shoe pipe and covering it up with lots of caulk. This is totally wrong, I know, but I need to make more money before I call in the plumber to correct my mistake. In the meantime, I hope it doesn’t leak too bad into the ceiling below. I essentially need to replace the waste and overflow for the tub (which requires ceiling access). There is evidence of this being a problem in the past from a patched area on the ceiling directly below my tub. I think the price for this is somewhere in the $400’s?

This house is costing us buttloads of money.

I was so proud of myself after figuring out the bathtub incident. It was such a problem because of the cross-threading of the drain pipe, the different types of tub spouts, and then I couldn’t get the trims to work properly because I didn’t buy the right type of valve trim (who knew everything was so complicated) and THEN there ended up being a really bad leak from the spout after I thought I was done, so I had to run out to Home Depot AGAIN to buy a new valve cartridge where I was accosted by an old man who worked there and finally…FINALLY the leak stopped, whereupon I was faced with a valve handle/stop tube dilemma which I figured out at the very last moment. It was sucha feeling after it all came together!!!!!!! After a whole week and 2 long days!!!!!!!!!!!! What a mess.


Tomorrow I will attempt to take a shower in there. My great feeling of dread has mostly passed, but there’s still that nagging feeling of unease about the ghetto drain. Will be looking into quotes from plumbers about the waste and overflow replacement.  AT LEAST I GOT MY SHOWER BACK AT LONG LAST. For the time being.

That home improvement kick overflowed into today and I was a cleaning monster with my room and the laundry. Took advantage of the great weather to get outside and re-seed and fertilize the lawn. Still have so much more to do for the house before the HOA deadline and for springtime. Welcome to home ownership!! I was also able to locate a strangely impossible-to-find game at a Gamestop: Tales of the Abyss 3DS. It’s a port from the PS2. Yes, I am playing video games again!!! Professor Layton: the Last Specter, Resident Evil Revelations, Mario Kart 7, and Tales of the Abyss 3DS. Oooo Oooo! The girl at Gamestop talked me into reserving Xenoblade Chronicles for Wii. :D

My son now has 2 beds and a crate pad, toys, a blanket, a crate, a bag of Science Diet food, treats, and food/water bowls. The food rebate form is sent!

With all of this I have been procrastinating badly on CE credits due in less than half a month and as usual I am neglecting RW. It’s sad that I’d rather fold laundry and clean my room than do that.

The top of my head hurts, just right of the midline…I don’t know why?!?!?! Pimple? Bug bite? Speaking of pimple…my super toxic chin pimple is ALMOST gone…it has been a week and 3 days!!!!! Those thigns NEVER last that long for me. Whatever got in there wrecked havoc!!!


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