DIY and cutting

Whelp. I’ve gone and done it. Chopped it all off and gained all the stigma that comes with it. All I can say is: I AM LOVING IT. The physical practicality of it, that is. I didn’t have to wake up last night just to brush the darn thing out of my face. I reached up to hold my hair when the fierce wind threatened to knock me over, but there was no hair to hold back. The clips I reached for automatically were unnecessary. I also used too much shampoo. There was a lack of clear communication and it ended up being shorter than we agreed, but that’s for the next time. Along the course of the cutting, I found a more girly way to keep my hair. Unfortunately it requires mousse or seomthing to keep it looking styled, but we’ll try it next time when my hair grows out longer. It is always a concern that my head will be cold in the winter (and especially how today is SO windy and cold!!) but it surprisingly is not. It’s my neck, face and hands that usually take the beating. Bought some mousse today. Not sure how to use it. I am sadly inept in the ways of styling for anything.

While buying it, I was able to take my hair and show it in public. My confidence is shaky since I haven’t done this in about 2 years or so. I wanted to know how northern Va’s reaction is different from Richmond’s. It’s not that much different. Same stares, same quickly-looking-away-when-i-look-at-them, same whisperings, same avoidance. I want to say less so since the population is bigger up here, but not too many people were out since it’s so cold. It IS nice to not be bothered by salespeople in the stores, though. Haha. They don’t even bother asking…just kind of slip away. Still working on that confidence. It’ll return to some semblance of normalcy at some point.

Been working on my bathroom this weekend. It  needed new caulk since the old-style acrylic caulk was molding. After 3 hours and a broken screwdriver, most of the old caulk was gone, revealing moldy grout that had either disintegrated or dissapeared all together. I sprayed it all with lysol. The bathtub faucet turned out to be kind of gross so I unscrewed that and am currently looking into replacing the whole kit in the bathroom. There is a problem with the out-dated valve being only a Moen standard kit which is very very limiting and difficult to find. I am currently looking for a way to retrofit it to the new Posi-temp styles. Following a caulk gun fiasco (my brother and I almost broke the gun trying to squeeze the caulk that turned out needed to be poked in order to be used. THEY DON’T TELL YOU THESE THINGS), it has all been re-caulked and already looks better. Waiting for it to cure all the way before I use it again. Next stop after that will be my mom’s bathroom caulk. And after that, re-grouting. And after that, caulking all the windows, doors, concrete. Yeah….lots of work, but thankfully waiting for when it’s a little warmer.


^ Before and After caulking

^What my bathtub faucet looks like. It doesn’t work properly either.


2 thoughts on “DIY and cutting

  1. Yeah, you end up saving a lot of shampoo since you don’t need as much as before. But my hair gets oily more easily now…maybe it’s because all my hair is closer to my scalp?


    1. yeah…isn’t that funny? I don’t notice it as much anymore because my hair isn’t at nose level, but maybe your body secretes more oil as a protective mechanism?


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