Remember that book I was raving about yesterday? I finished it last night. MAN I hate it when books start real interesting and end up annoyingly. I know it has more books behind it, but I’d almost rather not have to deal with reading them. It was interesting up until the end…her writing style is intriguing (turns out I’ve read another book by her: Paladin of Souls which i liked very much. I think it had the same problem at the end, though). Anyways my complaint is that it’s a fantasy book centered around a warrior guy with one hand who ends up rescuing a commoner girl from a monster. He’s like middle aged (55) and she’s 18. It was awesome in the beginning because there was fighting and adventure. And then there was some romantic conflicts. And then. It went the way I sorely wished it wouldn’t. So, the first half is all adventure and stuff, right? The second half is all sex, talking, sex, let’s visit your parents, sex, marriage, sex. >_< It’s supposed to be a good warrior/adventure/fighting fantasy novel!!! I mean, the guy is older than her father!! He was married once!!! Before she was even born!!!! And of COURSE he has to break his good arm, so that she has to take care of him, etc. And now because commoner vs. his warrior people, he has to go face his own people and their potential to exile him and stuff. All through the book people from both sides of the argument are all concerned that he’s going to make her cry later if he goes on with the relationship. Much foreshadowing?? I’m gonna take a guess and say that the second book is all about dealing with his own people. More words, more arguments, probably one small battle. I don’t want arguing and sitting around!!! I want ADVENTURE. Augh. Drives me nutters.

Anyhoos the second book I got is Flight of the Nighthawks by Raymond Feist about 2 boys who are thrust into battling an evil sorceror with a secret assassin band called the nighthawks. The cover also has a picture of some knights. I’m a sucker for that.

Do you realize that libraries actually hurt authors? Instead of making money off of them, libraries are free. They have to rely on the fact that when people like books from the libraries they’ll go out and buy them. I wonder how often that happens?


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