Back at it!!!!

Just finished another workout! Feeling good since I’ve been so bad at staying with it. Still working back up to where I was. Figured out a new way to to do cardio.

Had today off and it was entirely uneventful. Slept in, went to Kohl’s then DSW then BJ’s. Ate lunch at home and played free games on for the rest of the day. Ate dinner, exercised, roamed around the house feeling restless again, played piano and here I am!!!

It feels like a Saturday. Sunday is the greyhound house visit!!! Still nervous, but I got those stair treads so hopefully it’ll be all good.

Wonder what I’m gonna do now…more computer gaming? What I really should be doing is drawing, but I’ve been procrastinating on that for several weeks now. No idea why either because it’s just for fun…I would love to delve into a good book right about now. I might turn on the netbook for some typing.


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