New Phone

Got a new phone. Came in the mail the very next day. Talk about wanting your business. No it is not an iPhone. It is indeed an Android–just the way I preferred it to be. Basically from the moment I took it from its box I have played with it nonstop–so much so that I didn’t go to sleep until VERY late. It’s depressing to think about. I was DEAD last night and then I ended up waking up about 3 hours later and 3 hours after that. I need a serious night of sleep. Good thing I’m not going into work for an extra hour today…and then….FOUR DAY WEEKEND.

And greyhooooounds. Speaking of greyhounds, those stair treads have arrived and they look really good and they feel really good and I really hope they work. Really. Their catalogue is also quite nice.

I was going to say something else, but now I forgot.




5 thoughts on “New Phone

  1. I have an android too and it is awesome!! In fact, i am typing this comment on my phone. I have definitely lost sleep playing with it, especially looking at apps.


    1. It is sooo addicting!!! So much technology I can’t believe it. I’m voice dictating with the moment isn’t that nuts?? I feel so old… i am also draining the battery pretty well haha


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