Post submittal

It is done! I have submitted the application for review by the northern virginia greyhound people last night. Right after I sent it through I had the most horrible feeling that I was making the biggest mistake. Did I really want to give up my “freedom” to do anything I wanted without having to regard a 4-legged friend? What about vacations to the beach? I have never had any experience with a veterinarian besides the time my hamster died. Dogs require time! Effort! Commitment!

But that insecurity passed after about 15 minutes. Now I’m back to being crazy excited, thinking about all the stuff I need to get to provide for it. You bet I’m gonna be taking like 1000’s of pictures of the thing.

If I get accepted of course. That is the biggest fear I have right now: that they find something they don’t like about me. Am I too young? My work too unpredictable? Were my answers wrong? Too many stairs in the house?

The process is 3-step: The written interview (the application), the phone interview (got a reply e-mail today saying they will be in touch with me shortly), and the in-person-at-your-house interview. THEN the board makes the final decision. The whole process is supposed to take between 2-4 weeks. That’s a long time to be nervous!! I haven’t been this nervous since waiting for the results of my SRTA hygiene board and the national board testing. They really want to be sure their animals go to a nice home and won’t be abused. It’s a good system, considering…anyone who has any doubts would be too daunted by the process.




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