Yay. First New Year post! We never do anything special for it and I swore not to stay up to wait for it and yet I ended up getting to sleep around 12:20…which I’ve been making a habit of for the last several days. But the good news is that I’ve been staying up so late because of productive things! Mostly playing my new piano which is now fully assembled and I’m actually back into the writing mode!!! How awesome is that???

Spent New Year’s yesterday mostly playing piano, but we went shopping a little and then I had a headache, so played some Dragon Quest before doing some Total Gym and ended out the night playing tons of piano and more writing. Used my Barnes & Noble gift card to get some latin books. I couldn’t make up my mind so I ended up getting a workbook adjunct and a collection of poems. What do I plan on doing with this? Considering latin is one of my life passions, I want to try and do a little almost every night. I need something to keep this failing brain in shape.

I reflected on the past year the other night and it occurred to me what humble beginnings I came from. In 2010 the only objects of value that I owned was my car and a chair from Pier 1 (that took me a whole Christmas season’s worth of working at Toys’R’Us to afford), and now look at me. It’s nice to put things into perspective sometimes. You forget, you know? I hope I never ever forget what I had to do to get to this state.

And yet, I still retain a roiling mass of restlessness in my soul.

I hope this year brings to me answers, and if not then leads me down the right path to get there.


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