Late Riser

Woke up kind of late today because the weather is dreary and possibly because my body has gotten into the habit, haha. I can’t believe it’s back to work. >_< Still wishing I had that awesome Christmas break. Good thing it’s another 3-day work-week. I’m starting to really like working at 12. Bad thing to get used to.

Christmas was great at our new house. I think we’ve finally started to feel like this is home. Nothing like tradition to really bring that back to ya. Christmas mass at our new church, Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas morning food and presents, and then Christmas dinner with the extended family at my aunt’s. Uploaded pics to facebook. Money was somewhat tight this year, so the loot pile was rather pitiful, though I can’t complain because the older we get the harder it is to buy for each other…not to mention you need less, right? With that said, however, I DID end up buying a digital piano for myself…apparently it is arriving on Thursday. How exciting is that??? I bought so much stuff on Amazon now that I have 80 dollars worth of free items.

Here’s hoping for a great new year and a holly jolly rest of the season.


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