Blaaaaaaaaaaaaah. I’m tired. Spent all day drawing, inking, computer coloring, posting for RW. WHY IS IT SO INVOLVED. >_<

I haven’t played any sort of video game for 2 weeks. How sad is that.

Last night I upped the ante for the Total Gym (up to resistance 3 of 6) and it was PAINFUL. And then I attempted DDR and frsurtated myself before finally realizing that it wasn’t the game pad but my lack of in-shapeness. Funny what ONE year can do when all the other years I picked it up no matter the length of any hiati. I AM OLD. Now I understand how difficult it is for the older people and for fat people. Before, I just couldn’t understand why it was so hard. Now, my feet are just not fast enough, my eyes can’t follow as quick. The necessary “be light-on-your-feet-to-play-this-game” is GONE FROM ME. I felt like a clumsy troll clomping around. Ugh. I went from all A’s a year ago to all F’s. HOW DOES THAT HAPPEN. I made it up to a C by the time I gave up, but the average was easily a D.

Today my muscles hurt.

Our house is so cold!! I can’t wait until we get the new windows because these are highly inefficient.

All xmas presents done! Just stocking stuffers now. This is good, because I am officially working only half the time now. No need to wake up early anymore.


2 thoughts on “@_@

    1. It’s actually nice that our basement is freezing and has tile floors even though we spend more time complaining about it than anything else. 5 minutes on the total gym is enough to make it feel like 95 degrees down there.


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