So this is going to be the last week I’ll be working from 7-5. Good and bad, as I’ve stated before. We’ll see, I guess.

You know, now that I have money to spend, it’s hard to not just buy stuff the moment I see it. Self-control!!! It used to be that I wanted everything because I couldn’t really afford it. Now that I have most things that I want, things don’t hold the same level of desire that I used to have. I don’t want things now…at least not like before. I’m….content? I know that I’ll never ever be fully content until I’m dead (and even then who knows), but I’m pretty close right now. Every time to go to church or sit there and think about it, I’m so very blessed. Especially now that there are no bars around to stop me from doing what I want.

I’m cold. These windows are inefficient.

So….we went and made more lightning decisions. Went to Haverty’s this weekend and found the sofa we want. It’s coming tomorrow. The first time I went into Haverty’s I knew that I’d like their stuff. Everything there is quality. Apparently they have rigid standards, and they back their stuff up with a nice warranty. So we’ll have a sofa! Yay! Nice surprise for when I come home tomorrow, just like last week with the arrival of my new TV and the buffet.

OK, pictures like I promised!!

New 55inch LG LED 3D TV with our version of a Christmas tree beside it.


Pulled this hunk of earwax out of my left ear before work on Thursday. TMI, I know.

Obligatory squirrel picture, since they’re all I’ve been taking pictures of lately.

Birds and squirrels have this funny habit of hunkering down on our deck. Why? I dunno.

Conclusion: I really like my new camera.


4 thoughts on “Hard.

  1. Was not expecting the earwax haha. Yay for new things! I used to be really conservative with my spendimg but now i buy things constantly. What happened D:


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