I got my new camera and my new TV today.  Pictures to follow. It’s charging as we speak/type.

Soon and very soon I will only be working half the time that I am now. Sherry is coming back and we will be working half-day shifts. To be perfectly honest, I am glad. This full-time thing is driving me nutter-cakes. I was actually looking forward to like 2 months without a job, haha, but that’s irresponsible of me. I MISS SCHOOL BREAKS. It’ll be better when the other half of the office is done too, because I won’t be working so much…only 10-5 instead of 7-5. Less money, yes, but more sanity for me. And more sleeping. I guess. I don’t ever really sleep in, so oh well. Maybe I’ll get spoiled again. haha. The later times make it very possible for me to have a dog and actually  be home enough for it. Too bad I won’t be able to spend money so freely anymore.

My grownup Christmas List: Subaru Outback, chest of drawers, greyhound, digital piano.


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