Looks like I updated today anyways.

Duuuuuuuuuuude. Did a total Total Gym workout yesterday and I am FEELING IT. :) I always love the feeling of achy muscles, and I know I did the workout properly when the next day’s food intake is considerably less than before. Why? because I’m in Active mode!! As opposed to Storage Mode. Did I ever explain my simplistic views on gaining/losing weight?

Work was interesting today because my co-hygienist was not there. She was at home toting her mom to different medical appointments, so we had a temp. I must say that not working with my friend and former classmate felt different. I felt more distant today. But the real reason I decided to pop up on here again was because when I left the office manager told me something “for my ears only:” that a patient from last week called in today and requested that they see me next time and not my co-worker hygienist. …this is not the first time that something like this has happened. I actually have garnered a sort of line of patients that request to have me instead of someone else. It makes me feel weird and bad too because I feel like they only like me better because I see them after they’ve changed their habits? I dunno. I hate being in contention with other people, so when the balance gets upset like this (and especially when it puts me above others…especially my friend) I become uneasy. What if it blows up in my face someday? I mean, I have friends, but I’m so darn picky about them and antisocial, that it’s hard to…keep up with them actively? I don’t want to ruin a perfectly good friendship with someone that I actually interact with on a regular basis, you know?

As far as Thanksgiving goes, we have heard nothing from other family members. Good year to lie low, maybe? My brother and I would be happy to do that, but it’s not very much in the spirit of the holidays is it?


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