Sunday Posting!!

Weird Sunday post out of the norm because I’m working tomorrow. You know, when I work on Mondays it feels…I dunno. Normal? As if that’s what I should be doing all along. Mondays off are nice because the 3-day weekend thing is pretty awesome, but at the same time, I almost want to go back to work on Mondays. Honestly, I think I’d like it better if I was working the normal 8-hour workday 5 days a week instead of the 10-hour workday 4 days a week. It would feel more natural for my body…Speaking of work: they cornered me last week and talked to me about the whole Sherry-Me-Working thing. I knew it. They were making that office add-on for me. Not totally for me, but I’m the one that pushed them to do it, I think.  Which of course makes me feel bad because I don’t plan on staying for all THAT long. As it sounds, Dr. V wants me to stay for a while, but Dr. S doesn’t want to make me commit for too long (I did have a chat with him once about my uncertain plans for the future). To make a long story short: we still have no idea what Sherry wants, but I am willing to roll with whatever comes along.

What did I end up realizing after that little chat? I am a total commitment-phobe. I’m very flighty and I want nothing that will weigh me down. I want total freedom to move around, change my mind. When Dr. V said, “Are you in for the long haul” my stomach did a flip-flop. That is the complete wrong question to ask me. My life has been all over the map ever since high school and it’s made me very mistrusting of people and situations in general. I tend to play things safe and usually have a back-up plan juuuust in case, so when anyone asks me to commit to anything (relationships, hard facts, dates, events, club memberships, etc) my first inclination is to run away. When I make a significant decision in life, it’s only because I have analyzed the problem from as many angles as possible, and have weighed all the outcomes, pros, cons. I have gear up to decide…which is why I generally know what I want.

So what? So this whole situation makes me uneasy because I am expected to hang around for a while. I mean, it’s not that long (6 months to a year) and that’s about as long as I intended to stay, but the prospect of officially agreeing is very nerve-wracking for me.  My escape route has effectively been cut-off! ARGH!

Still havent gotten my brakes fixed. Hmm.

Been workin’ on the Total Gym!! Whooo.

So my mom got suckered into this salesman guy’s pitch for replacing all the windows and sliding doors, so they’re coming to measure them tomorrow. >_< She was only supposed to get a quote. We do need it, but I didn’t think so soon. Ah well. It’ll be nice esp with winter setting in soon.

Turkey day is coming soon!!! Yaaaay!! So far we haven’t heard from anyone in the family, so I haven no idea what’s going on. Good thing, haha. I finallllllllly found my turkey that’s been pretty impossible to find since there’s no Krogers up here (Butterball white and dark meat). I also won 5 dollars on a turkey scratcher. :)


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