Today was a very interesting day. Not particularly in a good way. Our ongoing AC issues manifested again. It kind of cuts in and out when it feels like it. The poor little unit was trying extra hard last night so it was incredibly loud–so much so that I could not sleep. I put ear plugs in and as usual they ended up across the room somewhere so that by early morning I was awakened not only by the heat, but kept awake by the unit’s noise. I can only imagine what the neighbors could hear. geez.

My mom is sick, so that amazingly jumped over to me. My throat was scratchy and it plain out hurt today all day until the afternoon when I left work. No coughing or runny nose or sneezing as of yet. My ears continue to pop, however, I’m congesting, and my throat’s still a bit scratchy. I am also exhausted for some reason. GOSH I hope I don’t wake up feeling like crap tomorrow. I need to go to work!!!

Stupid me didn’t do laundry all weekend because Columbus Day threw me off with everyone being at home. I had to wear one of my back-up scrub pants and now I’m stuck waiting on the dryer. I was planning on being asleep right now…just like I planned on waking up and leaving early so that I could get gas and ended up leaving late and being (relatively) late for work. BUT I paid 15 dollars for 9 gallons of gas because my brother and I took advantage of Giant’s buy-stuff-to-get-gas-points gimmick.

…SOOOOOO tired.


2 thoughts on “Ews.

    1. weird part, was that it went away and then is came back the night before last and now it’s going away again. I dunno. Still feel weird. >_< HOpe you're doing well


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