NOthing to say, really.

NOt much to say. Been working and living and stuff. Same old same old. :) Birthdays are coming up. Gah. But pay week this week!

EDIT: there was neato spider that I just saved from death in my mom’s room. My brother likes to kill spiders and I don’t. So I save the little thing in my ear-plug container, try to take like a billion blurry pictures of it, watch it jump around a lot, and then bring it outside where I realize would’ve been the best place to take a picture of it. There’s something the full, natural sun can impart on things that artificial just can’t. I got a really good look at the little bugger before letting it go. So neato. As small as it is, you can easily see that it is hairy. It is black with orange bands around its legs and its relatively small abdomen. Its fangs are green and I could see 4 eyes. For a moment there both of us really connected. It stared at me with it’s eyes and I stared back at it (after it just spent the whole time running frantically around the container).

I took off the top and flipped the container upside down next to our porch, shaking it so that the spider doesn’t have a chance to jump out at me. Its legs all splayed out as it bascially  sky dove, connected quickly by a strong strand of emergency web. Landing safely on the branch of a bush, I went inside fighting off a strand of the filamentous, yet crazy strong web-line. Animals really are neat, no matter how creepy they initially seem (green fangs…really??) . I always try hard to remember that they are so so so so so much smaller than we are, and like everything else in this world they want nothing more than to survive.



I guess it’s nature’s way of saying, Happy Halloween!!! Especially now that my Halloween spiders aren’t around to say it for me.


2 thoughts on “NOthing to say, really.

    1. OMG that is RIGHT ON, man!!!! :D freakin’ awesome. Though not so awesome is reading that it is common for biting people. Good thing I got it out of the house then. It really DID jump when I trapped it in the container!!!! Scared me.


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