We know better now

No swearing this weekend. haha. Good thing too, because we did more shopping. OK. So it looks like ALL of the essentials are done now. Hoses, weed wacker are all accounted for. Just the “nice” category: sofa, dining table, stuff for the den, storage for rooms (dressers, bureaus); and the “want” category: total gym, piano, gaming TV. Currently still living out of Rubbermaid tubs. But we’re 99% moved out of the grandparents’ !!! Our house is still a mess with the boxes and stuff, but it’s definitely shaping nicely.

I got a 3D Blu-ray player yesterday because we were at Sears and I saw the sales. I wound up finding a clearance player (I think it was last season’s model being bulkier and heavier than the newer ones) and my brother and mom watched the new Transformers last night. My mom ended up complaining that it was scary because it looked so real. I think it was in part from the high def/blu-ray player, but it may also be because of my Sharp Quattron. I got the TV mainly for gaming and that the graphics lent a more “real” sense to the screen. When I was comparing in the store, it was the most gritty/realistic probably from the addition of the yellow color. It’s very subtle, but evident. Hence the reason why I want to get a different TV for the living room for general viewing purposes.

Loading up on the Halloween deco!! I’ve always wanted to decorate for the holidays and seasons. It makes me happy. I got some garland from Michaels, a light-up jack-o-lantern from Target, Halloween window gels, and a spider candy bucket. The rest of the list includes: a hay bale, 2 craft pumpkins, 2 more sets of garland, a black cat, some fake spider webs and something to hang from the chandelier. And then we’ll store it in a Halloween deco box for the next years!!! AND THEN there’s thanksgiving and Christmas!!! yaaaaaaaaaay. It makes me happy :) There’s something to be said for being excited for holidays.

So Nintendo got my Wii back to me in 1 week flat. It was great. They advertise in 10 days. Happy!!

McDonald’s Monopoly is heeeere!!! yayus.

As cheap as I am, I ended up treating 3 times for meals. Once on Friday for my friend, Saturday for dinner and yesterday for lunch >_< Ah well. I really need to save up some money, though, because birthdays are coming in left and right, black friday is coming, as well as christmas.

Overall mood: Happy =^._.^=


2 thoughts on “We know better now

  1. I love decorating for the holidays! I’m probably going to miss out on it, though since I’m in a dorm. I’m pretty cheap too but I’ve realized that I’ve been spending way too much money. I’m pretty sure living in the city is the main reason. Damn, I need a job.


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