Why are we cursed with having to deal with temperature issues???

Lo and behold, the AC once again is busto. Why? Well the new AC dude that we actually liked and have agreed with told us that since the unit is so small and so old, anytime we bring stuff in and out  (like moving stuff in and out) the unit knows that and struggles to work overtime. Then dies. The situation now came about because of last night wherein we used all 4 gas burners at the same time and caused much intense heat to appear in the house. On top of that, opening the sliding door to help let the heat out did it for our AC and it died last night while I was attempting to sleep. Not fun. Thank goodness the weather is cool and it’s autumn. It will be fixed soon, but we have to get an electrician in and do stuff and then the AC dude will come back and hook up a heat pump system as opposed to our dual function water heater/AC thing. I hate heat.

I promised some pictures. And I have taken some. For privacy issues, I will not post a picture of the front of our house, like ever. I could’ve sworn that I got all the stuff from my grandparents house that belongs ot me, but now I realize that I’m missing my bear and piggy banks, my wine bottle, and my Student of the Year picture. Where the crap my grandpa put it, I have no idea.

What a weekend. We swore as futilely as ever to lie low and not buy any more stuff. HAAAA. Ended up finding these awesome deal rugs for the dining room and the den. Just one more rug left to get for the living room. We also bought a nice Bissel vacuum finally and now we’re all happy about sitting on the floor. I found this cool sorting hamper at Home Goods (awesome store, btw) for 10 dolla and a host of other cool things from there. Got a kitchen trashcan and bought winterizer and grass seeds for the lawn. No hose, though, so we’re hoping it’ll continue to rain some more.

I was real late this morning having realized that I never filled out this thing for the volunteer place I was at, so I rushed through filling that out and messed up royally on it. Quickly tried to finish up some comics. Of the 6 I was going to post, I managed only half of that. Siiiigh.

Been eating tomatoes, so this old bug bite thing is now super itchy and I have 2 mosquito bites (JUST from loading stuff into the car from my grandparents house. It’s horrible.) all of which I have been mercilessly scratching.

Gonna pay some bills and hopefully ink and sketch the rest of my posts. Gosh I really hope it doesn’t get too hot…Got 2 loads of laundry in the wash…which means I’ll have to fold them later…>_<. Is it pay week yet??


^ Before and After Office pics


^ Before and After Bedroom pics

^ Bathroom.





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