How tiring.

Being an adult is tiring, man. I just spent half of the day trying to get all my bills and responsibilities done. Good thing I have Mondays off if this is the case. Geez. Bills bills and more bills. Somehow my credit card bills are like out the roof. The sad part is that this is going to continue for the next month or so while we continue to get settled in. I’m starting to understand what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck and why people stick with jobs they may hate–it pays the bills, you know? I’m also understanding why people get married–more income and less tax.

In no way am I poor. In fact, even with all the bills coming up and now, scheduled, I am gaining rather than losing money, thanks to my temporary job, and for that I am quite thankful. I’m just kind of sad that I haven’t been working longer to help out with this new AC unit thing we’re hopefully going to get soon. Now that the sun is out, it’s getting quite hot in here. It just annoys me that I’m not able to save more money than I am. As stingy as I inherently am, my bank account numbers make me cringe, knowing my income and how much I should be able to be saving.

Next on the “Need-for-house list:” Weed wacker, AC unit, grill (considering our stovetop skillet pretty much burned out the AC unit). I would also love to be able to decorate just a little for Halloween.


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