Shoot and burn me. I’m a zombie.

DUDE. I was like, uuuuuuuuuuugh pretty much all day today. I don’t think I’ve ever been so grumpy for so long for quite some time! But then…I tend to get grouchy like that when 1) I’m tired, 2) I’m sick, or 3) I’m mad. Today was the first option. I was so tired that I couldn’t bring myself to get mad at people on the road.

Why was I so tired? A couple reasons I think. My bedtime is around 9-9:30pm every night since I have to get up at 5. I had spent about an hour on the computer right before jumping into bed, which doesn’t usually bode too well for a good night’s sleep. I also had just finished a rather large meal of pho. Definitely overdid it. I forgot to put in my night guard so I think my clenching kept waking me  up. My brother came home from class around 10 and made this horrible racket (obviously he’s  never had to share a room with anyone before) in the kitchen. I have a wall clock that goes tick-tock. It died around 11 which I”m pretty sure woke me up because I’m so used to the sound. I was hot then cold then hot then cold ALLLLL night long and that was obnoxious. I kept waking up because my back keeps killing me. I think it’s been a mixture of heavy lifting these past few weeks  and my horribly poor posture at work. Also, the weird contortions I accomplish with my body at night surely doesn’t help. I also may possibly be coming down with something. It’s that season and with all the patients that I see on a regular basis at work…it’s about time to get sick.

Excuses, excuses excuses. Either way, I was DEAD today at work. I had no personality, I was clumsy, my vision was blurry for a while, I was dragging, I was inefficent, and slow with no real motivation to move faster. Didn’t help that the schedule just happened to be packed with no cancellations. Downright cranky. Unfortunately moods tend to spread and it wasn’t too too exciting at work today. Not like yesterday. I finally perked up around 2:30pm, but since the office opens at 7:00am, that was a whole day wasted. I was like an hour behind by that point. WHAT a day. Thank goodness for helpful people. If I was still at that other office, I might still be working on patients by now. Helpful people and understanding patients. That always always helps. Geez.

AUGH. I need to go to sleep. And early. Maybe if I accomplish that then if it IS that I’m sick, it will hopefully resolve on its own.

IN other news, I saw a greyhound being walked while I was driving. She was a brindle and exhibited behavior that proves to me that I am choosing the perfect breed. Most dogs like my Doberman cousin that I walked on Monday pull and tug and are generally over-excited to be on a walk. The majority (if not all) of greyhounds that I’ve seen being walked are all very calm and almost look like they’d rather be lying on the couch than walking. This little girl was no exception. She was trailing behind her owner and was yawning at the same time! As if she was saying, can we go home now, mom?? Perfect. Haha. Beautiful. Absolutely stunning animals. Speaking of animals, I love seeing all the little birdies from the big windows at work.


2 thoughts on “Shoot and burn me. I’m a zombie.

  1. Yuppp sleep deprivation will do that to you. One time I drove to Richmond running on 3 hours of sleep and almost got into a bunch of accidents. Thank goodness I had someone there to yell at me. For some reason I always get too hot when I sleep.


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