It’s Freedom.


Been chillin’ at the new pad this weekend. We have officially moved in!! AC is running, we have internet/cable/telephone, and we have mattresses! As much as we were supposed to be on strike from spending money after last week’s free-for-all we did anyways. It’s not like we didn’t need any of it, but it’s funny how much things cost. It just adds up, you know? LIttle things you wouldn’t think of. The washing machine/dryer has been running just about nonstop. haha. I hate laundry. Since we came in with about 0 furniture, we’re still trying to figure that part out. My room is definitely coming together, but I have idea what to do with all my clothes. There’s like nowhere to put anything. I’ve been looking around for a chest of drawers or a dresser, but they either are too expensive, or way too shallow, or crappo looking and feeling. Currently I am still living out of a bag. Good thing I wear scrubs to work.

We’ve cleaned out the main floor of most of the clutter and mess, and we got lamps for the living room. Last night I hung a hanging scroll up on the wall. It looks fantastic to have something to break up the monotony of the plain walls. I’ve started hanging things in my room too. I can finally use my bathroom!!

THe plan for today? I have some errands to run for my grandma and my mom, and then I’ll high-tail it to Michael’s, another Target run, Sears to pick up a lawn mower (PUSH MOWER, BABY!), Lowe’s/Home Depot for lightbulbs. I might make another run by my grandparents’ to pick up even more stuff. >_< We were there on Saturday after church to take stuff and my brother and mom took up so much space in my car. The only problem with all that is that I don’t have anywhere to put things. I AM spanning 2 rooms…but still. I’m not one of those people who like clutter. That’s actually why the main floor got all cleaned up. I hate things lying around and nothing being done about it.

Currently? trying to set up to get the Wii fixed, getting my shopping list together, fold laundry, put more stuff in the washer, and wondering what to do about my clothes.

We are all so very happy right now. It’s very exciting to have things that we were never able to have but wanted to have. And the ability to choose!!!! Unhindered!! Nobody else to think of or share things with besides ourselves. It’s selfish, but it’s great.

It’s freedom.


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