Spin it Boys!!!

I’m telling you…Rhythm Heaven is such a fun pickup game. haha.

Not much to report really. I think a salesman from HHGreg was trying to ask me out, but I ended up not realizing it until I left. Figures. Probably shot him down. haha. I never notice these things!!!

Oooo….gotta go to the library today. Books are due. Funny that 1 month comes so quickly.

Been visiting different furniture and TV places trying to find the best places to get things.

Got all my packages in the mail! It’s all very exciting. Big paycheck last week was also very nice. I drove us to Sam’s Club yesterday and scared teh heck out of both my brother and mom when I took a quick turn and my tires went eeeeerrrrrrrrkkk! While we were there, I ended up buying 4 brand new tires. It feels fantastically better. I used to hear this whup whup sound when I drove and I was always afraid that my wheels would come right off. Now it doesn’t and I haven’t errrrk‘ed when I turn a corner. As close as we are to going to the beach I feel MUCH better about safety. I also very much like Sam’s Club for my tire stuff because I trust them for it AND they give club prices. There was also a special for BFGoodrich tires. A free premium installation with purchase. They balanced my tires, checked my batteries and all that good stuff. I just regret not looking at the TV’s there. I was so preoccupied with the tire thing I completely forgot.

One more weekend until the beach! And 3 weeks until closing!!!! I reaaaaaaaaallly hope that everything goes well with the underwriters. OH and my mom said that her lawyer has my 3DS. :) Things are truly coming together!!!!


2 thoughts on “Spin it Boys!!!

  1. New tires really make a difference. My mom recently changed the tires on her car and holy crap, it runs much smoother now. If only the steering could be fixed…

    the beach! sounds exciting :D Where are you headed?


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