So July 26th was our “anniversary” for leaving. We’d been expecting an anniversary letter and we got one yesterday. We’ve continued to fight him for our share of moola and even for one that he tried to hide from us. My mom is convinced that she wakes up at around 2:00am almost everyday because he is cursing her from afar. She’s been able to sleep better the last 5 days. Well…the letter kind of confirms that because this time the letter has no name or date on it (I think he’s finally wising up that he keeps incriminating himself by writing things) and is rather short. It’s written in Vietnamese probably because he thinks that we can’t read it and therefore censor it. Too bad I can. I don’t fully understand every word, but I do understand the overall meaning of things. There is a longer paragraph and a 2 liner after it. The longer paragraph is all about how utterly evil we all are and how greedy we are and how we will all be damned to Hell because of our deplorable actions (it’s probably a good thing that I don’t understand 100% of everything).  The shorter one is saying about how he is the only one who will make it to heaven because he is righteous and a very good person.

Gives you an idea of what we left. From some feedback from other people on the subject sometimes I feel guilty about the fact that we left. Was it all that big of a deal? Could we have worked through it without leaving him high and dry? We forget his actions because we tend to try to block it out. And then he sends something like this and I remember…we all remember and it justifies everything. Oh yeah, this is the type of person that we left. If anything, it just strengthens our decision. This is the type of person he is and was. Capable of getting so angry that he probably wouldn’t hesitate to come blow our brains out, though that’s not really his style. He’d rather come bludgeon us to death, make us suffer. Just a simple deal and he works it in his brain until a mustard seed becomes a jackfruit. Weird metaphor.

Oh and my mom’s lawyer is back from vacation and we will be getting the deserved money soon. Of my 3DS, the other side claims in writing that “because it was sent by UPS it wasn’t able to be forwarded.” Not able to be forwarded my butt. It’s because he OPENED IT. How the heck else would he know that it was a 3DS? And how hard is it to return-to-sender or slap a new label on it and send it off? Nets him…what…2 dollars? OH YEAH. It’s because we’re taking HIS money. We’re already stealing HIS money so we doesn’t want to waste any on us. That’s exactly why he would illegally open the package labelled for his divorced wife.

My legs are fat and full of cellulite. I don’t like it. And yet I still don’t have a bike pump. I’m cheapo.

The new forever stamps are all very cute!!


2 thoughts on “Anniversary

    1. Well…you know the idealistic outlook of the youth? When I was really young I thought my dad was the coolest person in the world. And then one day my eyes were opened and I saw him for who and what he really was, which meant that everything in the past that was horrible and I had overlooked made so much more sense. He’s not a good person. His own siblings told my mom when she got married that she would divorce him in 2 years.

      Personally I think a “crazy gene” runs in the Do veins. He really has serious anger issues. The more I listen to the stories my mom tells about when she was in college and when she met him, the more it confirms that he had always been like that…just the ideals of youth are blinding to the truth.


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