Soooo, remember my 3DS dilemma? With the old address and everything? I just called back Citi to see how it was goine since it has been 30 days, and they can’t do anything about it because it was never sent back. Dang it all. My only hope now is to hope that my mom’s lawyer comes through because she gave him power of attorney and we’ve told him about how my dad opened up my mom’s mail to even know that the 3DS was inside.


Last week was real busy with me working most of the week. I was a walking zombie, completely unused to all that working until Friday where despite the fact that I couldn’t sleep at all the night before, I was so awake and upbeat I couldn’t believe myself.

The $2000 dilemma is fine now because they returned my money after the whole name mix-up. At least we got THAT back….

It’s August!!! You know what that means!!! Beach very soon, and then more importantly MOVING. YESSSS. I’m supposed to be going out to look at futons. We haven’t had any emails from the lender or the realtor so I’m hoping that everything is going as planned. We’ve decided that the big money items that we need to focus on right away are the mattresses, some floor rugs, a sofa, and a TV. I’m taking care of the TV part and possibly my own mattress. I’m going to be buying 2 TV’s in the end, one for the upstairs and one for the downstairs. I will also be looking for a new computer monitor. Exciiiiiiting!!!

Work will be calling me in full-time soon so I will be on-call. The plan for today is to run out and do some errands, and move my room here around. It’s a mess for one, and 2, since we’re moving out soon, I’m setting it up back similar to the way it was before I got here.

In the gaming world, I’m back at trying to beat all the levels of Rhythm Heaven and having (sort of) beat the first Kingdom Hearts, I’m well into the 2nd Kingdom Hearts which is by far better. :) I’m happy about it.

I’ve been talking much more about the greyhound lately because my bosses at work have talked to me about hopefully what will be happening after my bout of FT for Sherry at work. It all sounds fantastic to me and I actually can’t wait. I’ll go into detail about that at a future date.

I’ve given my mom a lot of suggestions so far about her life and future. She’s always so unhappy whenever she comes home from work now (she works for her sister as a nanny) and I’ve told her many times that I want her to not work for them anymore (for their relationship, for those kids and for my mom’s health too) and to focus on what she wants to do and never got a chance to do (go to school again and specialize in something in the health field). She’s finally seen what I’m saying and she is going to resign from the work in December. That makes me very happy. Now that we’ve got a house and all I want my mom to be able to accomplish that life goal of hers. To start anew. Away from familial obligations and having her be the primary caretaker (she always has been) and just less stress for her in general. I’ve noticed that she has become quite bitter about people with the whole divorce thing and having to deal with annoying males now, and I want her back in a role that makes her tell happy stories when she comes home again. Now that I’m going to work more, it will make things more even on the playing field and she won’t have to hold the world up by herself anymore.

I think things are finally starting to fall back into place with our family. It took over a year, but we’re getting there. Only one person left to deal with: my brother. It’ll all come together soon.


2 thoughts on “Saaaaaaaaaaaad

  1. Sorry about your 3DS…

    But yay about moving! I’m pretty excited for you. I love moving into new places because I love having a fresh start once in a while.


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