Last minute laundering

I wuzz going to do it yesterday, but I kept putting it off and off and off until today came about. Nice and relaxing yesterday. Not even sure what I ended up doing. All I remember is reading.

I just finished Tangerine by Edward Bloor last night. This is the second book I’ve read of his and I’ve loved both of them. Another of his books is waiting for me to read it too. He write YA fiction, but it falls in the you-will-learn-something-by-reading-this group, along with To Kill a Mockingbird. Mr. Bloor takes real life situations that kids are put into and expertly crafts them into the type of book that makes you think about life when you’re done reading. The stories always end well, but not the same kind of the fluffy ending that my escapist fiction normally allows me. I’m not surprised to read that he was a high school teacher. He might take a spot in my favorite author list if the next book goes well.

It is so stuffy hot here. I’m telling you: old houses are just not worth buying unless you are dead set on renovating it. I’m all for not killing perfectly good plots of land and trees just to make a neighborhood (suburban sprawl!!), but the amount of effort it takes to turn an older house into a safe, working one is immense! I keep telling my mom that if my grandparents ever want to sell this house, it will be an absolutel disaster. This house is going to need upwards of $50,000 for renovations. This is why you do not want to be cheap when maintaining your house (your biggest asset). People get set on their “I’m comfortable” ways and don’t see the problems. I’m technically sleeping in an illegal room, the air just doesn’t come downstairs at all, my bathroom is so water damaged all it really needs is to be gutted…in fact from my room to my bathroom, through the utility room and into the other bathroom needs to be gutted. In order to sell this house. It’d be best to tear down all the wood panelling. All the outlets are still only 2-prong. My grandpa’s been using this handy-man guy he knows for years and pretty much anything the man’ s touched has been cheap and poorly done. I wouldn’t use him for our new place at all. I’d refuse. The carpets here have GOT to go, the hardwood underneath needs to be sanded and refinished. I bet there’s mold problems everywhere. The landscaping will need a total makeover.

My mom (and me too) think that my grandparents will NEVER move out of here. My grandma will gladly go, but my grandpa will never make it. Never. So they say maybe 3 years before moving out, but unless my granpa goes senile, it won’t happen. He would rather die than live in our townhouse anyways. He’d go absolutely stir-crazy.

Dang. I forgot my Claritin last night.

My mom has been reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaallly restless lately. She’s fed up with the whole mortgage thing (because of the divorce, they keep asking for all sorts of documents and things), it’s too hot for her at night (for me too, but I’m not the one in peri-menopause), the mold around here makes her itch, the house is way too small and dark, fighting over the fridge space is irritating, and in general I think that she’s restless for an actual job. I might have something to do with that last bit because I keep telling her that I want her to continue her education and get a job that doesn’t have to deal with the frustration of raising someone else’s kids. I want her to get out there and be able to do what she likes to do. Make new friends. Not be cooped up in a house somewhere.

I’m sad that I don’t get to play Epic Mickey anymore because our Wii died. I really like the game, and even moreso when I realized that it was essentially  Disney version of Fable. You can either go the good way or the bad way. Similarly, Kingdom Hearts is a Disney version of final fantasy or a traditional rpg. Epic Mickey is annoying in that if you mess up, then you mess up. I’m hoping that in the end you can go back and re-get items. Hopefully I’ll know at some point. Still can’t get over that kids would call the game a baby game. It’s rather difficult and complex. I doubt a kid would fully understand the premise of the game. That’s what I like about video games, though: the developers spend a lot of time making it and you have to look closely to see everything they put into it to appreciate it.

Speaking of video games, Capcom is making me really mad. I like the games they put out, as big as they are, but they are honsetly going downhill and fast. Looking at games like the Resident Evil series and where it is now, Megaman and where it’s not, and all their other games. They haven’t hit the mark on pretty much anything recently. The news that makes me the most angry is that they scrapped Megman Legends 3 altogether the other day. A game that was years in the making, about to be released, made by and for gamers around the globe, even had it’s own article in Nintendo Power  last month, scrapped. Just like that. Boom. WTH??? Don’t get me started on Resident Evil. Number 5 was utter crap, especially for what’s supposed to be the end of the line for the series, and now what are they doing? ANOTHER #2. In first person!!! OOOooooOoOOooOOoo. It’ll be fantastic!!!! Too bad they’ve beaten that story til it’s diseased. Why would they do that? Duh. Money. Leon is apparently loved by everyone after the smash success of #4 that they would visit the same story about 4 times over in 4 seperate games. MOVE ON WITH SOMETHING ELSE STOP TRYING TO MAKE MONEY AND MAKE A GOOD GAME FOR ONCE. Phantom Ghost Trick was good. Okami was good. Stop making such knockoffs that are but a fraction of the quality of the original all for the sake of money. They’re releasing Marvel vs. Capcom 3 soon for only$39.99. Really? a PS3 and 360 game for 40 dollars? And guess who’s in it: PHOENIX WRIGHT. In a fighting game. A FIGHTING. Game. Who’s next? Professor Layton?

Ok. Getting off the soap box. Hmm. An hour. What should I do for an hour?  I’ve been doing much ranting lately. I need to stop. Maybe I’m restless too.


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