Whoa. It’s almost 4:30pm

Dang. I’ve really outdone myself. It looks like it took a while, but finally got into my groove! I have finished going through my notebook of ideas and knowing exactly what’s in the pages. Granted…this notebook is the newer one and that there is another notebook I forgot to take with me, but still, I have recorded some more information onto my Project AoWaM document and have successfully organized everything. This makes me so stoked. I finished an episode and one section of concepts. Turns out that I had to split the episode in 2 because somehow it turned to be such a long one.

As I look around the library, it becomes apparent to me that everyone I have seen since this morning is gone. The brother and sister at my table left a good hour and a half ago. I concluded that they needed internet access. Everyone here is new and the afternoon crowd is full of tutors and tutees. My table is empty except for me again, but I will soon vacate as well because 5pm approaches. I think I’ll get up out of my chair in about 30 minutes, browse the books and then head home. I am very happy about my progress today and considering, I’ll probably do this again sometime. I should have done this a long time ago. I always knew that being out of your house (and especially because it’s not our house) or wherever you consider relaxation zone (in my case, the VCU library was hard to focus in because I spent all my time there playing online games as I waited for the bus)  is the best way to focus. I had plenty of experience in that at Mary Washington. I always studied better out of my dorm. I guess that’s the point of study rooms.

Interestingly enough, my bottom hasn’t protested against these wooden library chairs. That speaks a good thing. My body stopped feeling hungry after about 2:30pm…just as I anticipated before, eh? I know, though, as soon as I get up that I will feel it again. It’s actually kind of a stupid thing for me to do that because I tend to have low blood pressure (it runs in the girl side of the family) and I still have to walk down some stairs. Plus, depriving yourself of a meal doesn’t really help you lose weight anyways.

Great. Now that I started talking about food, I’m hungry again. I was doing so well!!! My body gets into the ZONE and I’m like, FULL BLAST ACCOMPLISHMENT!! It feels so wonderful to be able to do that again. I really did miss challenging my mind and being able to focus like this on a project and get it done is just an amazing feeling. That and being surrounded by those who feel the same way about accomplishing something (library mates!) is a fantastic motivator. This is why gyms are so useful. You get surrounded by people who are essentially striving for the same goal as you, and you all feed off that same determination. This is also why I would never homeschool my kids. Unless I lived in a different country. And even then.

And then I had this tiny tiny tiny voice in the back of my mind that said, “HEY maybe you can meet some nice guy at the library!” Embarrassing to admit, but this is a good place to meet someone who might possibly share the love of learning and the determination to succeed. Hahaha. *sigh* I’m so weird. Hopeless.


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