It has been one hour.

The hunger bug is definitely creeping up on me…not to mention the sleepy bug. How can the other people at my table exist like this without being hungry? Unbelievable. I imagine that most of the people here today are those who frequent this place just about every day. It makes you wonder, as you look around, what brings them here. The girl and the boy at the table with me look like siblings. They look accustomed to being here. What is keeping them from being at home? Lack of AC? Car issues? Getting away from someone? Lack of things to do at home? It really does make you wonder. Most of the people on this floor have been here as long as I have…if not longer. What are their stories?

I think I might like coming here like this. It really puts me back out into society. It helps me focus. Allows my body to make vitamin D… Haha. What else would I be doing at home then? Nothing. Literally. Probably watching some inane TV. Eating, snacking my way to fatness (though my imploding stomach wouldn’t mind that at all…if only I’d brought something less conspicuous than a clementine…). Playing video games. As much as I like that, my brain has literally been melting. Haha. I think the girl in front of me is hungry too. She’s reading and punching her stomach. By focusing enough to be able to write on a regular basis, I thought I’d be able to help add some life back to this brain. I think it’s working.

I forgot what I was going to type. I surprised that my netbook hasn’t busted yet *knock on wood.* I brought 2 notebooks in with me, and no pencil. Can you believe it? The AC is certainly very nice here. I’m almost cold. It feels good to be back in a setting where there is actually people hanging around. 2.5 more hours…which is not that bad once I think about it. Still haven’t browsed for a new book yet. New diet program!

It always surprises me how much energy thinking uses. When I sit in front of the TV all day, I don’t get hungry. When I’m typing or thinking or writing or drawing, I tend to get rather hungry. :)

3 posts in a day! New record???



2 thoughts on “It has been one hour.

  1. Haha, these posts remind me of the time I did the same thing at UMW’s library. I was so sick of being around my roommate that I just had to escape. The library’s a good place to go, but time passes by so slowly…so all I did was update my journal.


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