Life update! The sellers have accepted our offer! :D Now begins the long journey towards closing. I pray that there is nothing to get in our way. Please. Really. Please. It is a 4 BD 3.5 Bath interior townhouse. Excited? Yoooou betcha, although I don’t really show it because I’m worried about the rest of the way. Our excitement shows as we search for places to buy furniture and mattresses.

My sister visited this weekend. We ate way too much food. I’m looking forward to having space in that house for a total gym, and I’m really looking forward to having a way to bike often.

SO ready to move into our own place. We’ve not had that ability to control our own environment in such a long time. That loss of control if stifling and frustrating…not to mention that we’d have an assuredly less allergen-filled home. My grandma is still not happy and doesn’t want us to leave, but what are they gonna do, you know? Both are adamant about not wanting to change stuff (they’re old) and they have a ton of stuff floating around the house. My grandma is inclined to go with and live with my mom, but my grandpa is not. She already was talking about me moving out haha. She’s concerned that there won’t be enough room for her and my grandpa if my brother and I hang around.

Let me tell you, though: there are a couple reasons we decided on a townhouse, but the most important of which, for me, is that when I do end up moving out I won’t be worried about leaving my mom by herself in a big house. A townhouse is more manageable (lawn? What lawn?) , it’s surrounded by people who can monitor her, snow is taken care of…yes; leaving her in a townhouse is a much better choice for me. Especially if my dad is still running around being mad (what exactly is he gonna do with so many people around, you know? He’s a bit of a coward.)

I’ve realized that I have a desire to argue with people from time to time. Being all nice and agreeable all the time irritates me. This spells disaster for people around me, but I feel as if it keeps me alive and thinking. Plus, I think that things don’t really move forward if everyone always agrees with each other. I only wish I didn’t argue so forcefully and destroy good moods.

Only one month until the beach trip! Only one month until the settlement! Only one month (most likely less than a month, tho) to FT working!



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