Happy Birthday America!

Just finished updating RW. FINALLY. Ended basing it off a quick little thing I drew on our whiteboard.

My aunt’s birthday was on Saturday and then the Reunion thing on Sunday went off without a hitch besides the food dilemma we had in the beginning. It was rather fun after all, and we even had a surprise visitor.

Then yesterday (the 4th!) we went out with our realtor to look at about 8 houses. It was all very exciting and we narrowed it all down to 2 properties. We picked one and we’re trying to jump on it really quickly. It’s an interior townhouse with 4 bedrooms and 3.5 baths. Nice kitchen, nice deck and cute backyard. Dark hardwood floors. Only 2 issues with it is the interesting parking scheme especially since we have 3 cars and the tiny little AC unit that needs to be replaced. Really excited. My mom is going to send everything off to the lender tonight.

I feel bad for my grandma. She just came in to see with a piece of paper that got sent here about properties being sold in this neighborhood. She wanted me to call and see one of the properties, but it’s a property that is already sale pending. She’s happy for us that we found a place we like, but she really really likes having us here with her and I think she’s getting worried about us leaving. The reason why my mom was so insistent on a 4 bedroom house with our budget is because of my grandparents. This property we’re so keen on is such a killer one because the downstairs bedroom is large and has it’s own nice full bath…meaning that if need be, my grandparents will have that room.

We’ve already planned it out that when we do move we will still come back and go to church near here because 1) we like it, but 2) we intend to come by weekly or so to have dinner.

I am really excited about all of this and it’s all rather unreal. I hope we’re fast enough to seal the deal.

Last night my mom and I watched the PBS special they show every year on the celebration in DC. Apparently there was record-breaking attendence this year! It was fun and then, we all ran outside last night to catch a glimpse of the fireworks being shot at Fairfax HS. It was so loud! Even from far away! I’m glad I wasn’t close. I’m still afraid of loud noises. Maybe my ears are real sensitive?


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday America!

  1. yay, I’m glad the house searching went well! Yes, there were tons and tons of people in DC yesterday. Going there wasn’t much of a problem but coming back was a huge hassle since EVERYBODY was leaving at once. Speaking of loud noises, someone fired a cannon right next to us as we were eating. Needless to say, it was very loud and I almost dropped my food.


    1. that’s exactly what my mom and I were thinking when we were watching. My grandparents are starting to freak out about us moving.


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