Dental Ordeal

So yesterday I went to have my fillings fixed up that were terrible from the last office. I was all relaxed and stuff. You know, my most favorite place in the dental office in sitting in one of those shairs. They had me come in early so that Dr. V could get to a sudden board meeting. We get in and then everything starts going wrong.

I had just finished telling her that I never need much anesthesia. So she starts going and I’m feeling it, she gives me more, thinking I was wrong before. Starts on the other side. Totally fine. She drills out the old filling (which just kind of fell out because it wasn’t bonded properly) on the left, then moves to do the same thing on the right. Still feeling it. She’s like, whaaat??? and gives me more anesthesia. My jaw is killing me at the point even with the mouth prop. We finish up the left side alright and at the end I start squirming because the air from the handpiece is bothering the right side. Dr. V is astonished! I’m STILLL feeling it??? Premolars are VERY easy to get numb.

Finished with the L side, she turns her attention to the R side that is STILL not numb. Suspecting a crack, she goes in to dry it off with a cottom piece and I fly through the roof. I didn’t know what she was doing and thought she was jabbing her explorer in there. Dr. V and the assistant are like, OMG. They take a PA of the tooth and Dr. S comes in to confer and they speculate about possible fracture and hyperemia. There’s no PAP visible on the PA , but it is a little too early to even see that. In other words, I may be getting an abcess in that tooth in the near future (it was easy to do all the last times I had a filling). The way it’s acting and the fact that it won’t go numb is all pointing in that direction. The filling is a small one, so it’s not so much that. It’s my bad occlusion.

She moves on, as time is ticking and she gives me PDL shots which work. The filling ends up being really nice and she’s sitting there telling me she really hopes that I’m just weird and nothing’s wrong with my tooth. She does see a fracture/craze line later from the buccal. Now 20 minutes late for her meeting, she sits there and is really worried about me, especially when I sit up and am about to fall over (I have really bad orthostatic hypotension) and look pale. She jets and I’m left to get my color back and digest all that has happened. I really don’t want a pulpotomy (root canal essentially) and I”m really glad that my dentsits are conservative. I finally leave and while I bake in the heat of the car (fantastic for anesthesia btw) I marvel. I love dental appointments, and yet I was actually shaking coming out of this one. She did a fantastic job to me, and now I know why her patients love her.

QUITE and ordeal. haha. Who knew? I sure didn’t. She texted me later to see how I was doing and I was amazed at well I felt after 2 new fillings. The last time I had them done by Dr. Hangval I was very unsatisfied.

Going into work alright today. Lets just hope I don’t clench too bad. I’m feeling good for the moment, though I’m also sitting here expecting that tooth to just blow up on me in the near future.


2 thoughts on “Dental Ordeal

    1. But it’s so darn cooool. Plus. I’d like to know if something is wrong with my teeth so that it doesn’t blow out of proportion and I end up prematurely losing teeth or getting really bad toothaches. And spending lots and lots of money. Preventative dentistry!!!


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