The SSBB Animal Crossing Wild World Theme Song came up and I am attacked by a sudden nostalgia. I haven’t played that game in over a year :( Maybe I should pick it up again? It’s better than Rune Factory for some reason. I dunno. Same sort of  concept and same sort of tedium, and yet I definitely prefer animal crossing.

For the last 2 days I’ve been hard at work on my new batch of antenna balls!! That section of the blog will be updated shortly–whenever I end up finishing completely, most likely the update will be on Monday. I’m pretty much done, just putting the finishing touches on. This is day 3, but I count it as 2 days total because I really didn’t start until afternoon on the first day. All in all it seems that these projects take about 2 days to complete unless you have a workroom that is dry and has heat lamps.

Now DDR’s Candy came up in the song mix!!! Augh!

I started getting restless yesterday, and I couldn’t understand really why until I got ready to get to sleep. I’ve put on some more pounds. When my body starts feeling the rolls (especially on my neck under my chin) during everyday actions like sitting or lying down, I know I’m going in a bad way. Gotta do something about it.

You know that commercial for 4G? The one with the Flash Mob guy? I’ve taken it upon myself to dance like him. HAHA. My aunt’s wedding is coming up soon. I am SO dancing that.

Played more of Kirby’s Epic Yarn yesterday. I still can’t get over how awesomely cute the game is. There are so many  little things you have to look for to notice. I LOVE it. This game will take the cake in one of my all-time favorite games just for pure creativity. It’s almost impossible to die in the game. I can’t think of anything about to make a RW.

Got some books from the library and fiiiinally I’ve scored some good books. I’m currently reading the safe one which is by an author I already know: Troubled Waters  by Sharon Shinn. It almost made me cry (not really) when I started reading it and it didn’t have bad grammar, weird sentence structure, and superfluous information. And the story is even good! It’s not the best book I’ve ever read, but it’s good enough for me after all those failures. And she uses big words!! Hallelujah from my brain.

…Why is it that every time I update I’m incredibly tired? And I hate long hair.


2 thoughts on “Ahhhh

  1. You might find this entertaining: I was at the gym doing my stretchy thing yesterday, and two guys who clearly worked there were wandering through cleaning stuff up. You know, the usual big-tough-gym-rats who work at Cary Street Gym. And they kept talking about “No, that guy’s totally not a cat! Look at him! (shows picture on phone) Well, isn’t this guy supposed to be a mouse? Maybe he’s a cat 2. What’s that, like a giant miniature cat?” And eventually I realized that they were talking about Pokemon characters, and I laughed a lot on the inside. ^_^


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