I blame last night’s weirdness on my bad system reaction to ice cream. STomach was bubbling all night and it kept me up. =_=;; I forgot what it was like to overdose on lactose.

I feel much better today. haha. It was, however, pleasantly  cool last night. I’m telling you!!! Temperatures between 78 and 83 are like the best ever. Love it.

News on the home front: my mom and I have ahave started preliminary loan approval application submissions and it seems that we’ve been shooting a little too high in the budget department. Seeing the reality there, we’ve lowered our requirements, moved the location out a little further and so yesterday we went looking at some properties again and we feel much better about things now. It’s nice when you can find something that won’t mean that you just break even every month. Living on eggos and ramen is not my thing. haha. I think this is going to work out MUCH better. Already found a property we’re interested in, so we’ll see what happens from here on out.


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