House excitement

After the house tours yesterday I’m like 100% ready to move. Too bad the ability to afford the houses is a severe hurdle. Still haven’t called the lenders, so we won’t really know what we’ll be able to afford until after that. Both houses yesterday that we saw were good in my book. Both of them had what we wanted, though the pluses and minuses of both are evident.

House #1:

  • Pros: Awesome, spacious aggregate driveway, large unfinished basement, large & level backyard, very spacious 2-car garage, nice kitchen, fence all around, 3 stories with huge unattached loft with full bathroom, VERY close to work for me and my mom, lots of potential.
  • Cons: Ugly shag carpeting covering the upstairs and stairs, weird bathrooms, turns out there’s no pool so the deck is now awkward, loft is unattached and us accessed by this crazy-looking spiral staircase, not an open floorplan inside, weedy and spotty lawn, bad dog smell from these two MASSIVE dogs…basically it definitely needs work.
  • Verdict: Not bad. The space is great and there is so much potential at the house. The location is superb being close to work and shopping. The smelly, messy and unorganized appearance by the people living there is a huge turnoff, but seeing through that, there is beauty and good stuff there. Some minor labor here and there (mostly ripping stuff up, knocking stuff down, repainting, re-finishing floors…inspection prospects is not too good) will be needed. The price is lower too, so the money saved there can be put towards reno. I kind of like the unattached studio thing because it gives me the sense of living in an apartment away from home a little.

House #2

  • Pros: No work needed, beautiful new renovations and upgrades, refinished hard-wood floors, new bottom floor (split foyer design) berber carpeting, brand-spanking new appliances with the coverings still on them, huge blank-slate backyard with no landscaping and no flowers or plants, the neighborhood is non-pass-throughable, so there wouldn’t be weird people passing through, plus it is in a higher-end side of time with (hopefully) less chance of troublemakers.
  • Cons: TINY driveway that can only fit one car, no carport/garage, backyard has a steep hill, no basement, no washer/dryer, smaller living space, further away from work, no ceiling fans or appliances to even hook one to, ugly/bland look of the house, weird 2-sided deck meaning there are 2 sets of sliding glass doors presenting a security issue, no fence, no pantry, and since the house is sold as-is it has less chance for negotiation.
  • Verdict: My mom and I REALLY like this house mostly because it is move-in ready with no need to fix anything. The berber and hardwood and wonderful clean look of the house means that it is fantastic for allergy-prone people like us. I LOVE the blank-slate landscaping, though the steep hill in the back will pose a runoff and grass-cutting problem. The ceiling fan thing is another problem for my mom and lighting of the rooms in general. It definitely is smaller and provides less flexibility and potential. The drive-way is a huge turn off and we have to seriously think about expanding it in the future.

So between the two of them, we’re leaning towards the second one. Money is the big issue here though. Even if the second house costs more, there is basically no need for improvements right off the bat and I would be 99% confident that it would heartily pass inspection. However that does mean higher monthly payments. We still don’t know how much they’re going to pre-approve my mom for so we really don’t know how much we’ll be able to afford no matter how much we love these houses. I would co-sign, but my job is so darn iffy and the temporary FT doesn’t even start until August. The second house, as nice as it is, probably won’t hang around for too long.

We’ll see when things come around, though. Haha. After our beach trip this year we’re prob no going to go on another one for several years.

It’s mean to say this, but I’m sad my grandparents are coming home today. I’ve really enjoyed living on our own again with no one to worry or anything. Old people are kind of needy. And picky. There’s no felxibility here since it’s not our house and my grandpa is very reluctant to change anything. Not to mention we always have his pride to think about. THat’s why I waited for the two of them to be gone before steaming everything (with my uncle’s steamer and not my grandpa’s), re-caulking (he had JUST “re-caulked”), tearing up plants to plant new ones, cutting down tree limbs, throwing out old things from the fridge (my grandma freaks out), etc. Back to normal now. I like my mom’s cooking. :(

Having just escaped from old-fashioned male authority, I am not happy to be put back into another situation with one…granted, this is more understandable and a little different. I think this is why I haven’t really been too inclined to go man-searching; I am not ready (will I ever be, though, after all this?) to have to submit to anyone. And having been around males I realized that they many times have a need to feel like they “own” you. It’s like hardwired to have to feel needed by their mate–to be their hero. To be fair, everyone needs to be felt needed, but I’ve noticed that they like it, a lot, if you kind of look at them and say, “How does this work? Is that right? I can’t do this properly, can you do it for me?” Or something to that effect. I don’t want to have to inflate people’s egos. And I hate when they refuse to respond when they don’t feel like it. Just tell me yes or no, dangit!!!

I still think boys are pretty, but I don’t much want to be involved with them.

Actually, that annoys me about my grandma (though when I think about it, she may do it on purpose just to keep my grandpa happy and feeling needed). She’s always like, “How does that work? Is that right?” when I kind of know that he doesn’t actually know the answer or answers wrong. I also don’t like that he doesn’t actually do much of anything around the house, just playing computer, watching TV or tinkering somewhere. She does all the cooking and he waits at the table to be served dinner. In their defense, they’re old-fashioned, and if you think about it, what else is there to do really? We don’t want my grandpa to drive much anymore, but that’s pretty much the only way they can ever go anywhere. Plus, if you look at them, this style of living works out for them.

It’s depressing to think about…that there’s nothing you CAN really do when you’re old. Ugh. And I’ve realized that I feel uncomfortable around my grandparents. If my mom’s not home I won’t really interact too much with them. It’s easier to interact with my grandma, though, if I have to. Mostly I think it’s the generation gap. We don’t really see eye to eye too much.

Plan for today: run some quick errands (bank stuff), vacuum, clean up around the house before the grands get home, chill out a little, wait for my mom to get home.

…I’m so hard to live with… >_<


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