Not working all this work since I worked on Monday. I WUZ going to temp in Woodbridge, but they cancelled on me -_-;;

OH WELLZ. Our house search has turned up quite a few nice choices as my mom, brother and I grow increasingly excited about getting our own place. Makes me haaappy. My brother and I are going out to check a couple out today.

Trying to decide if I should get another Wii since they dropped the price to 150 for a bundle. My brother and I have been dying to play 2player Monster Hunter becuase you can only do that online. The plan is to get another Wii, set up the 2 TV’s next to each other and play. haa.

I really would like a TV. 26″ – 32″ LED TV is the goal, since they’re so much more affordable now. At the same time, I have all these things I want to buy. I was banking on the fact that I’d have those 2 days this week to work. Bah.

Speaking of work, I am officially FT taking over for the pregnant hygienist in August. 3-4 months of official FT work which is fantastic (AND they’re starting to build the other area). However, the time in between is going to drive me crazy because now I can’t accept job offers. I can only temp.

My mom and I took a walk last night and it felt great. I am so out of shape. Ironically, now that I have all these days, I haven’t once pickedup my weight set. Hmm.

I HAVE, though, been sketching!! It’s fun.


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