…which is supposed to be “busy” in a more phonetic spelling.

As I type I am in the process of finishing up a sketch for RW. Life is so hectic! Hopefully I’ll be able to get things down on paper, inked, then finally into the computer. I’ll probably even try to color some since I think this particular one I’m working on will require that I do that. Total of…about 5? Which should help me tide over. I must say, though, that rushing through these like this makes the jokes less funny. Being as busy as I am means that I have less things to inspire myself about. Kind of ironic if you think about it, but in my case, since this is mostly a gaming based thing, I need to play gaaaames to do it…no wonder many gaming webcomics die. They just run out of time and ideas. I wonder how long mine will last. If I ever get full time, then I really won’t have time to do anything.

Speaking of jobs, the working interview last week went pretty well. I hated several aspects of it, but I liked the people, so….hmm. And in this time I really need to get another job, so I can’t be too picky can I. I don’t know the verdict until next week. Bah. Last week was really hectic with the falls church job, though. I got a LOT of hours in. The paycheck reflected exactly that which is nice, but I’m not used to this working thing, haha. I also volunteered on Saturday which was cool too, and I realized exactly how much help they need.

Still promising that blog about me and working, but I prolly won’t get to it for a while. I’m working again tomorrow and I’ll be off again for wed and thursday.

I’m getting chubby again.


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