Steroids!!! My aunt gave me some topical steroids this weekend. HAving zero healthcare is starting to come out as a bad thing. All this eczema on my body would definitely have prompted me to see a doctor. Siiiince I can’t afford it, thankfully someone else in my family has issues like this. From the last time I took those pictures, it has spread even more, but thanks to the steroids the older lesions are much better and overall my arms are not overly inflammed. They look much less angry than before. Interestingly enough, the right side of my body is more heavily afflicted than my left–it itches more, lots of more lesions, and much slower to heal. I hope these things go away soon. At least the possible “impetigo” part of it has gone away. All of those big lesions are gone (healing) and I think I’m back to regular eczema.

So what do I think is the cause? Having thought continuously about everything I think it’s all self-induced. I had been afraid that it was from having bare arms in hygiene and having weird diseases splatter on my skin (I’m not ruling this out altogether, but with everything out this does not seem to be the major cause), but I’ve concluded that it was from my over-indulging. Ever since I came up here from Richmond, I’ve been eating all sorts of things that I would never have eaten before, or at least would have eaten in moderate quantities, due to my allergic tendencies. I think my body’s like, NO MORE, and just exploded all at once. It just kept bulding up and building up until something set it off. That set off could have been some weird bacteria flying onto my arms, or me just leaning against surfaces that are “dirty” and setting off my immune system. The latter seems the most plausible since, remember, the lesions all started in a ring around my forearm.

For the moment I’m staying away from possible food ignitors, in an attempt to pinpoint the cause.

The sink in my bathroom’s supply line hose got holes in it and sprayed water everywhere, so I took the opportunity to replace the faucet altogether. My grandpa doesn’t know yet. I think. It looks great! Only problem is, now the new supply line is leaking. -_-;; I think I’ve found a fix, but looks like we have to go shopping again. Money money money.

Still no job. Bah. I think I’m going to start looking for possible research jobs. I’ve decided that there’s no way I’m going to be able to keep hygiene my whole life. My arms arent going to make it. With my new eczema problem I can’t do anything in the animal world. What does that leave? nothing? I thought about optometry for a while and about dermatology very fleetingly, but I don’t want to poke needles in people’s eyes. And skin conditions are disgusting-looking. Though…I was disgusted at mine at first and soon thought it was kind of fascinating.


This weather poos. And my eczema couldn’t have come at a worse time with all these flare-ups. I love being outside!


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