And yes, my rant is below if you care to read about my terrible saturday and my despair wallowing.

I ended up treating myself to Ghost Trick Phantom Detective for the rest of Saturday. I finished it. It was fantastic. Then I read Ella Enchanted which made me happy becuase it’s one of those happy-ending feel-good-all-around books.

This morning, I meant to only cancel my dental appt for Wed, but I ran into Rick (the office manager guy who likes me alot) and I ended up quitting Saturdays before I was ready with a solid excuse with some hooey about getting a job offer (actually, its technically true) and my grandparents needing me on the weekends. I don’t think he bought it, but he understood the quitting part. I felt bad. He apologized for Saturday because when Dr. A is there, everything goes nutters like that. He assured me that Dr. A is only there once a month on Saturdays. He didn’t want me to quit, but oh well. That’s that. Oops.

Ironically the whole job thing, was a real eye opener for me. I’ve been really spoiled with Dr. V’s office. She is such an awesome Doc. I am also more aware of myself as a hygienist now…about exactly what is expected of me, about what is out there. Speaking of Dr. V however, I gave her the heads up about possibly getting rid of the Fridays because of job offers and she made me feel real good about it. Dilemma over. And not only that, but she made me so happy. They are planning to open 4 more ops! I was like, WHAT???? Apparently they own another office on the floor and the tenant left because of a heart attack and they need to utilze the space. She said that she’d so offer me a FT job if she could on the spot, but that the ops won’t even be done for months and months. I told her that I’d gladly quit anything to come and work for her. I left ecstatic on Friday. I can now take on any job offer without fear for them either.

Not only was the Saturday a career eye opener, but it was prob for the better. You-Know-Who called my mom and left a message saying that he was going to be in the area and wanted to “visit because he misses everyone.” Thankfully I was gone all morning and my mom didn’t come home til about the time I arrived home too. So….everything prob worked out real well in the end. Gosh. Talk about world workings. My dad is a huge creep. An irritating creep. GO AWAY. MAN. DON’T YOU GET IT??? Freakoid. I realized that he still has copies of my car keys. So dumb.

The plan today is to run a bunch of errands. I’m waiting for my bro to get home. There was no breakfast foods in the house, so now I’m starving. I only had 2 peices of toast this morning. Hardly enough for anything. Errands! I like being helpful. And appreciated.

I want a greyhound!!!


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