Having issues with Comic Fury

I just fixed the time-zone for the site (like the third time…) and my comic still hasn’t posted yet. I know that you have to wait a little bit when you change things like that for the cache or whatever to dump and reset. It’s just kind of frustrating cuz I’ve already “fixed” it a bunch of times and it keeps resetting itself on me. >_<

THERE ARE NO JOBS. It seems that I’m going to have to hang on for a little bit. I don’t really get how things are operating. Yesterday we were reading some eerily accurate horoscopes in the Vietnamese book thingy. I don’t normally believe in all that astrology stuff, but sometimes it hits close to home and you can’t help but wonder…esp when it’s accurate for more than one person. I know the whole scientific and logical approach to the subject. Alot of the western horoscopes I read really are vague enough that they would pretty much apply to everyone, but I’ve found the eastern horoscopes to be on the dot much of the time.

My room is an utter disaster again, but I’m sleeping well at night so its all good. :) The weather continues to drive me crazy. It was beautiful this morning and then it got all gray again.

Been playing Pokemon Black. Still have two whole DS games that i have yet to touch. Speaking of games, it was kind of hard to hold myself back from the 3DS, but there are seriously no good bundle/deals. Not to mention my credit card has this massive balance on it. Unlike my brother, I consider myself a good saver of money. Soooo….I will wait! I have 2 DS games to play the crap out of anyways.

In the aowam world, I have recently been organizing all the details on my netbook. My durn netbook takes literally 10 minutes to boot up, but thankfully it hasn’t busted on me yet since I’ve been using Word. haha. In going through all my notes everything is so disorganized that i tended to spend more time searching for what I’m looking for than actually reading and processing my ideas. This should clear things up tremendously. I mean, it already has! Also, I have finished the rough sketch of yet another episode and am almost finished with another one. :) It always makes me happy to hear that.

The bathroom that I’ve been putting off working will be done soon!!! Sometime. ha.

This saturday is the start of my other job (the one I’m not too excited about). More cashflow for me, but I would like nothing more than to have a steady 3 day job in on office.


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