Tax done!

My mom’s lawyer sent an email to the other side saying that my brother and I should do our own taxes, so hearing that, I jumped on it right away. Finished my federal and state yesterday. Federal has been accepted and state is still pending. Either way, I feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders not having to wait for my tax to be done by someone I don’t want anywhere near the details of my life. The only thing is that I hope that they don’t refute it in any way. But even if they did, there’s no reason for him to be doing it FOR me. I’m 24 years old…

Speaking of him…the night before last, no one in the house slept well at all. My mom and I both woke up around 1:30-2:00am and couldn’t get back to sleep. I was so restless that night and had to play pokemon at 3:30 until 4:30 when I finally got some semblance of sleep only to wake up again around 8. It wasn’t like I couldn’t fall asleep either! I was tired which is why I went to sleep around 10. My grandma had a nightmare that night too. We attribute it to voodoo since 1:30 is around the time he used to wake up (and prob still does).

I slept very well last night. I dreamed of him, but it was nothing more than a very good reminder of exactly why we left to begin with. Actually, in retrospect, it was a very accurate representation of why he was horrible to begin with. My brain is interesting.

I also finished the main story of Pokemon last night. :)

Trying to decide if I really should go ahead and max out my credit card by getting the 3DS this week. Amazon’s got this fantastic deal where it would give $25 credit toward any 3DS game, credit toward accessories and another $10 game credit. Originally, I was going to wait because eventually they will release a bundle packed with a game for a better deal. Not to mention they’ll prob come up with improvements and more color choices. Hmm…maybe I will wait after all. My credit card bill is quite high. It’s just that I’ve always gotten these consoles when they first came out…hence why i remain with a DS Phat. Patience! Patience!

There’s nothing good on TV anymore. >_< Why is it that every time I volunteer it’s dark, dreary and threatening, when I’m at home it’s wishy-washy rain, and when I go to work it’s bright and beautiful out? DUMB. Speaking of work, next Saturday is when I start working every other saturday. More money!

Still real excited about being done with the taxes.


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