Werking owt


Can’t tell you in words how good it feels to work out. When your body is in a state where it feels strong…I can take on the world!!!

Still jobless and still searching. The weather’s getting real nice and I ended up finally taking my bike out for a spin on Saturday. All hour and a half of it. It was prob overkill considering I haven’t biked since October/November, but it felt great. I haven’t felt like that in a while. The trail system up here is absolutely fantastic too. Gotta love it! The only thing that’s getting me down about the whole thing is that I need to find an electric air compressor or a foot pump. I tried to use the traditional hand pump and I about died before I even got my bike on the road.

Scored 13 sunglasses from Walmart yesterday!

And someone stole my brother’s wipers yesterday. So dumb.

Now if only I can get over this whole tax thing. I’ll be as snug as a bug. I’d be even more snug if I could finally land a job!


2 thoughts on “Werking owt

  1. haha niiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiice. It’s easier when you’re in a routine. Getting into routine is the hardest part of all (for anything eeeeeeeespeciallllllly….FLOSSING!!!!)


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