RW updates.

I had been complaining about being lazy and not doing what I was supposed to with Resident Weirdo, so I finally sat down yesterday and fleshed them out!! I have 4 more entries, or another month of posts available to me. I am particularly proud of one of them. I have also experimented with some computer graphic software and have finally found a way to make them look bolder as well as to be able to color them easier. I’ve been after a good way to color them for so long! The technique I found is called bitmap tracing (I was looking for an easy/fast way to make my stuff look better without having to sit there and painstakingly trace everything) which seems to help reduce the noise found around my scans. I wish I understood computer stuff better sometimes.

I woke up with really painful neck muscles which I originally attributed to removing my extra pillows from my bed (I have SO MANY) but then I realized that it was probably more likely from hunching over my sketchbook and sketching and inking yesterday.

This weather is making me crazy. It’s so dreary. And cold. I can’t do anything outside.


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