Job searching again

That last interview didn’t turn out, so back on the job wagon! There’s this really nice offer in McLean that would be awesome if I landed it. The only downside is that I need to fax my resume to them. Should’ve done it yesterday, considering, but since I have somewhere to be later, I’ll do it tomorrow when I have extra time. Gonna try to get it done at Staples…I keep messing up my chances on these job searches…

Hmm…looks like I need to cut my nails after I finish typing this…They’re not long, but they’re long enough that it becomes uncomfortable for patients. I have these giant nails on my fingers that make it difficult for me to play guitar or even violin properly sometimes.

Just got Pokemon Black on Sunday (spent a FORTUNE) and OMG I love it. Not only is it a new installment, but they’ve made changes to the game that I totally agree with: the night and day feature is gone (the appearance still changes, but the pokemon don’t) so I don’t HAVE to play at different inconvenient times of the day, the first gym makes it so it doesn’t matter which pokemon you started out with, you have 2 companions that want to battle you alot, they make you actually want to use the bike (no Fly for me yet…), the pokemon store is within the pokemon center now, there are wild double battles (it gets haaaaard), there are random people that heal you near big forests and caves so you don’t have to go ALLLLL the way back and forth to heal, AND probably the best one so far is that YOU CAN USE TM’S AS MUCH AS YOU’D LIKE. There is no limit!! I’m loving it. And so far, it is quite a bit more difficult than the previous games. You actually have to train in here…. :)

Not to mention…this time I’m actually playing without any prior knowledge of any of the pokemon. I’m not going to look it up anytime soon either. I am playing the purist way: unknowing and finding out along the way. It’s harder and more fun to be like, “huh? what is THAT??? I have no idea what type that pokemon is…so I’ll just use moves until I catch it or figure it out.”  I’ve never used this many potions and stuff this early on in the game, but there is plenty of money to be gotten so it’s all good.

I also bought Ghost Trick Phantom Detective, but I haven’t touched it yet. I feel bad when I get new games like this…so far I’ve left Dragon Quest IX untouched since I’ve gotten Pokemon. >_< There are plenty of games I need to finish before getting anymore too. I just like RPGs and other games that take up tons of my time. I just don’t play them fast enough!!

Monday was pretty fun. My brother’s on Spring Break so I took him out to Dulles Towne Centre. We got tons of food and junk. haha. I got to visit with my furry black cousin who was absolutely beside himself with joy when I arrived. I’ve never seen him that excited for that long a period of time before. He’s absolutely adorable. All these dogs…makes me want one of my own. Gotta score that job…..

So what’s the plan for today? Well, it’s Ash Wednesday so no meat for one thing (you never know how much meat means to you until you don’t eat it one day a week…). I’m leaving to volunteer in the afternoon with Meghan. 2 and a half more hours before I go. I KNOW that I’m gonna want to play more Pokemon, but I’m going to keep myself in check because I know I won’t be able to concentrate or focus if I do that. So I’m going to cut my nails, finish laundry, and prob try to draw some more. I only have 2 more weeks of updates available in reserve for Resident Weirdo, so I really need to get on that. Plus with Pokemon I should be getting more ideas in. Hopefully. No guarantees… I sketched out 2 more ideas last night before succumbing again. haha. Prob having grilled cheese for lunch. Going to the ashes service later tonight with my mom.




2 thoughts on “Job searching again

    1. Yes! I was blasting through the words when i sort of gleaned something that said that TM’s you could use more than once. So i tried it and VOILA. I think it was the best improvement to the game.


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