Dang. Interview tomorrow.

I am SO not ready for it either. >_< I applied to the new listings on craigslist last night and I actually got a call today, isn’t that amazing? It’s only for one day a week, but that’s one day more that I would be working!!

They called while I was at Toyota waiting for my transmission flush and oil change and so I didn’t call back until about 30 minutes ago. And OF COURSE I have to go make an embarrassment of myself and didn’t specify why I was calling so they put me on hold a couple times until I had the smarts to tell them why I was calling. Figures. And then I realized that I hate it when they ask me to tell them about myself. Those great big open questions are killers. Maybe I should prepare before tomorrow. And practice using big words that i haven’t been using lately.

I have come down with this really congested cough thing. My grandma is sick and is going to the doctor’s as I type. I don’t feel sick. I just have this random scary-sounding cough. I’m inclined to say that it has mostly to do with allergies. Hmm…I think I’d better take it easy. Take a nap or some advil or something, just so that I’m not like flu-sick come interview time tomorrow. The weather’s been really weird lately and I’m sure that encourages all the coughing that has been going around.

My new glasses are in!! Gonna wait until my grandma’s comes in too so that we can go get it together.

Gosh. Still freaking out about the interview. I had this whole idea about what to write for this update and now I’m sitting here (coughing) and because I’m so worried I can’t remember what I was going to write.


2 thoughts on “Dang. Interview tomorrow.

    1. I love these animated backgrounds!! There needs to be a pho one. The interview went OK. Looks like I’m not going to get the position since they havent called me.


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