I’m an old lady once again

My birthday was alot of fun on Sunday. We did the usual get together thing, but more people than I expected came! At this point in my life, I’m not expecting gifts anymore (even if people gave them to me). I’d much rather have people come and we all have fun. ^___^

Messing with my new 16GB Sony Walkman NWZ-S454. I really like it. It’s got 2 speakers on the front, it plays video and pictures, it’s small, but not overly tiny, the sound quality is good and it plays FM radio well. AND its 16 GBs!!!! Having used a 2GB hand-me-down iPod for the last 2-3 years this is fantastic. The only downside is that my mom’s car is equipped with iPod compatibility, so the sound quality of my walkman doesn’t compare in the car. Since we’ve had all iPods, we have alot of iPod capable things so it’s a downside. I was going to give my mom the use of my old 2GB iPod but then I remembered that the iHome I put in my bathroom is made for iPods. Figures.

I also ended up getting a new lunchbox (I’m so using it as a purse instead), Dookeys (a poopy thing that goes over your keys. haha. I gave some to my immediate family), a Flooring 101 book,  a wine bottle (I have got to post a pic of that at some point. It’s great), a cheesecake, best buy gift cards, and a buttload of money. They really shouldn’t have. I always feel bad when my family gives me money like that.

I also have these 2 beautiful zits on my face. Where do these things come from??? Gosh.

I bought new glasses!! I got them at BJ’s, I really like them, AND I didn’t use insurance to get them. Even when I didn’t use insurance to get them, they were the cheapest glasses I’ve bought before. BJ’s was having this 50% frame and lens sale and I got everything together for less than the frame cost.  O_O

Still gonna go for the contacts in the near future.

So whats on the game plan now? I’m gonna go to the bank and post office today, get gas, and prob stop by best buy to check out the deals. I need to bring my car in for the final phase of its treatment plan and oil change, renew my DH license, sign up for the MOM Project next month, and continue with the job search.

Gonna be volunteering with Meghan tomorrow. FINALLY.

AND. Dragon Quest IX is so awesome. I’ve logged who-knows how long into that thing.


One thought on “I’m an old lady once again

  1. glad your birthday was a blast! my first laptop only had 4 gigs of hard drive. when i updated my laptop a few years later i felt like the happiest girl in the world.
    i kinda hate how everything is ipod compatible because not everyone owns one.

    but yay for getting money!


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