Antenna Ball messup

You know, I think it’s a new thing about me getting old or something? Now both the decals and the antenna toppers I’ve messed up, most likely from lack of memory or impatience? Eitherway I’ve decided to update the corrosponding pages on my site here with directions on how to make them. Since I can’t figure out how to put megatags on these pages, I guess they’d be useful really only to me for future reference. It was kind of nice yesteday since I spent the entire day making them. Unfortunately I ran out of varnish and realized that after all that effort, that it was the varnish that messed me all up in the end. Figures. I was experimenting with inside-the-car balls for those without antennas, so I’ll update with new pages after I finish the varnishing…whenever I get around to buying new varnish.

Finally finally started Dragon Warrior IX, but of course I started it at 10:30 last night…which means I stayed up really late being unable to put it down. Could barely wake up on time today. The plan today? What do you think? I love games that keep the traditional sounds and music and monsters. Love it.

Supposed to be doing CE courses before March 31 and I keep putting it off. I’m so sleepy…the weather don’t help. Eye exam tomorrow!!! I’m so excited to be able to restore my eyesight.

Aaaaaand just wanted to say that I am 6 people away from hitting 400 unique visitors to Resident Weirdo!! Almost 2000 hits!


3 thoughts on “Antenna Ball messup

  1. speaking of antenna toppers, i saw this car that had a jigglypuff design on college ave.

    dang, i never got that many unique visitors to my site. congrats on the hits!


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