I am SUCH a bum. Still haven’t found a job. I think I’m operating under the assumption that I can live off of these temp gigs. How stupid can you get? I’m sooo lucky to be able to be living with my grandparents and not worrying about paying for anything besides my eye insurance, gas and car insurance. I mean, I help buy groceries and other stuff sometimes, but my grandparents are taking on the additional utility hit now that we’re here and my brother spends a good half a week here with us. Such an ungrateful child. It’s not like I can’t get a job. I just havent been looking. Nor am I even bothering to get off my butt and finish some CE credits.

The New Year is tomorrow!!! :) Gonna be doing alot of cleaning today to prepare and that means that since it IS the new year then I really gotta get going with this job thing. Even something like working 2 days a week steady is fine with me. I kind of enjoy more than just the weekend off :x

Hmmm…really gotta call to schedule an eye appointment. I can’t decide who to go with…the place with ALOT of specialists or a smaller office? I’ve come to the decision that I prefer to work for a smaller dental office. Those bigger chains come with drama that I prolly do not want to deal with. A smaller office with 2 nice dentists, 1-3 other hygienists and maybe 2 assistants is right up my alley. …though of course that may come with its own share of issues.

So, clean your house, pay your debts, and wear red tomorrow and be happy! It’s a new year!



2 thoughts on “Bum

  1. i guess i can kind of understand. i worked at jake and mikes as a temp dishwasher 2 weeks ago with the promise that i’d be able to work at least once a month. it’s something, but certainly not nearly enough to cover expenses for the semester.

    btw, i’m using the lab computer and typed in “vghamster” instead of “vghamsta.” i’ll admit, i freaked a little when the wordpress said the site didn’t exist. ahaha….


    1. haha. :] i have no real idea how I even came up with that name…it originated several years ago when I was back at UMW.

      I could be making so much more money…haha. Really gotta start looking. def next week.


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